Hey loves! I'm looking for a beach cruiser for a woman 5'4" so teen/youth bike would probably work too. Thanks!
Needed for a creative project my daughter wants to do. Have a truck and can pick em up!
this weekEl Cajon, CA+15 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any leads to find a Hayes Akurit clockface gas pump.... finder fee ..Thxs Tom
I am looking for some light weights. 2, 3, 4 pounds. Let me know if you have any you are not using and looking to get rid of. Thanks!
Art teacher looking to supplement my (low) school budget. Any art supplies or classroom supplies (especially pencils and scissors!) would be greatly appreciated!
Looking for any old baseball bat that isn't being used any more. Wood or metal, not plastic, please!
looking for pavers and/or large stepping stones. will pick up from your location.
Looking for two door coupe/sedan inside door panel trim pieces in good shape or NOS. 1951/1952 desired. Thanks
In need of a working refridgerstor. Been having the worst luck with fridgesfridges
My 60lb sweetie is 13 yrs old and needs a little help. Looking for a sturdy and safe dog ramp. If you've ever had a senior dog that loves your bed, you get it - Thank you
Hello! Seeking a gurney/hospital bed/stretcher for use in a theater production! Doesn't need to be working properly, but does need to roll (though it can be missing wheels or other replaceable components!)
Looking for 8 track tapes, records, cassette tapes, and CDs. All music genres. For family entertainment (not to sell). Thanks!
Hi! Looking for any newborn girl clothes. I just had twin girls and don t have enough clothes to get them both thru the week. We live in an apartment so we do laundry once a week. We would greatly appreciate it :)
Can come pick up. Looking for a large suitcase. Can trade two small carry on suitcases (orange and pink).
I am in need of a small-ish dresser. I live in a room, so nothing to big. Open to what it's made of.